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socialsbyv, social media management

Custom Digitial Marketing Strategies to elevate your brand.

SocialsbyV is a Social Media Marketing Company specializing in building tailored strategies to achieve your brand's goals.


I'm Veronika!

I am the CEO & Founder of SocialsbyV, a Social Media Marketing Business founded based on my passion & love for helping lifestyle & beauty brands grow in the social and digital space. 

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs & business owners strategize their social media marketing, and manage their content.

I work towards helping each brand achieve the social media presence they've always dreamed of, building brand awareness, organic engagement, and implementing content marketing strategies across the board tailored to each business' needs to attract their ideal clientele. 


Social Media Management

Managing your business’s social media account(s),  planning, creating, and implementing a strategy based on your brand’s goals to grow your business through social media marketing efforts. 


1:1 Consultation

60 minutes of  1:1 innovative solutions designed to create a social media strategy, problem-solving, and building your presence across multiple platforms. If you don't know where to start within your social media journey, this is for you!


Social Optimization

A complete 360 revamp of your social media pages to set you up for ultimate success. This is for the business owner who needs a fresh start and optimizing each platform.


Businesses I have partnered with

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