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  • Do you offer add-ons to your packages?
    Yes! We can discuss any add-ons on our discovery call!
  • What do you require before getting started?
    As part of the onboarding process, it is necessary that you have all of your branding done beforehand. Primary & Secondary Logos Color Palettes Typography Brand Photography Website (depends on the business) This is crucial so I can fully executive my social media strategy & build a successful profile. If you are in the beginning stages of building your brand, rebranding, & need assistance- I can assist by referring you to someone!
  • How involved should I be in the process?
    The goal is to get you focused back on your business and take social media management off your plate HOWEVER, you will never be FULLY hands off. You are your business and I can't be successful without you. Our communication & partnership is key in making your social media as successful as possible.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes I do! I offer monthly payment plans. Your payments can be broken up into 2 payments a month.
  • How long until I will see results?
    Although I play a part to growing your social media, your business cannot solely rely on it. Your social media strategy will need to align directly with your business strategy, funnels, and quality of product/service which will in turn lead to the results you are looking for. Social media is a long term investment that involves time, strategy, and nurturing.
  • Can you guarantee sales/success?
    I can never guarantee any numbers as my efforts are all organic and I use social media as an engagement growth and brand building tool. Please refer to my portfolio for previous work and results I've provided clients!
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