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The Founder & CEO


Veronika Druzhyna is the CEO & Founder of SocialsbyV, a Social Media Marketing Agency founded based on her passion & love for helping lifestyle brands grow in the social and digital space. 


SocialsbyV specializes in helping entrepreneurs & business owners strategize their social media marketing & manage their brand.


Veronika develops a custom plan to give each brand the social media presence of their dreams. She strives to help each brand achieve the social media presence they've always dreamed of, building brand awareness, organic engagement, and implements content marketing strategies across the board tailored to each business' needs to attract their ideal clientele. 

How it started

Veronika was born in Luhansk, Ukraine, and in 2005 alongside her mother, they moved across the world, to the United States. Since then, she’s been a resident of Falmouth, Cape Cod. 

Veronika has attributed her strong work ethic to her mom, as her mother has always showed her the importance of hard work, and supporting herself.


Landing her first marketing internship with The Black Dog Summer of 2019 Veronika quickly discovered her passion for all things social media marketing, graphic design, coaching, and creative strategy. 

In 2020, Veronika received her Bachelor of Science in International Business from Lasell University. Like many that were set to graduate amidst a global pandemic, the next steps were unclear.


After a few months of working in the corporate world, Veronika craved the freedom that came from being her own boss, and the fulfillment of helping other like-minded businesses. In June of 2021, she set out to start her own business.

Operating as a one woman show, she's now helped over 10 clients take the leap in creating strong social media strategies. Women owned businesses have always inspired and ignited a fire in her as she's always looked up to the women that take risks, and follow their dreams, like herself. SocialsbyV goal is to continue expanding, and working to grow small businesses.


Through strategic planning, SocialsbyV provides each brand with the social media presence of their dreams. Working with Veronika is like working with your best friend. She treats each business as if it's her own, devotes herself to her work and never leaves a problem unresolved. Veronika works to uplift and grow small businesses through organic social media management and strategic implementation. 

I look forward to partnering with you on this journey!



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