Strategic & Tailored Services

SocialsbyV provides a wide range of services aimed at serving each client by using social media strategies based on their goals and their industry. I look forward to helping you find your brand’s unique voice and bring life back into your brand through the services offered below.


Social Media Strategy & Content Builder
The Foundation

This is perfect if you are just starting out with social media as a marketing channel, a new business, and/or those looking for a brand refresh to reflect a new phase of growth. 

+ Management of social media account(s) (Instagram & Facebook)

+ 3 posts per week

+ 4 stories per week

+ 1 reel per week

+ 2 hours of engagement per week

+ 3 groups of 30 Hashtags

+ 1 Custom graphic a month

Social Media Management & Growth

This is perfect if you have started building your social media presence but are looking to bring your business to the next level. This package offers MORE for your brand & will expand your reach for potential clients and/or customers.

2 Account management (Instagram & Facebook) 

+ Monthly Content Calendar

+ 4 posts per week

+ 10 stories per week

+ 1 reel per week

+ 3 hours of engagement per week

+ 4 groups of 30 Hashtags

+ 2 Custom graphics a month

+ Monthly analytics report

+ On-site Photoshoot once a month

+ Custom Photo & Video Editing



+ Contests/ Giveaway Management

+Tiktok Management

Untitled (1500 × 800 px).png

Social Media Management for Brand Growth

This is perfect if you are ready to hand over the reins & take your business to the next level with done for you social media management. This package offers everything you will need for continuous growth & consistency in reaching your ideal target audiences.


+ 2 Account management (Facebook & Instagram)

+ Monthly Content Calendar

+ Management of accounts

+ 5 posts per week

+ 15-20 stories per week

+ 2 reels per week

+ 5 hours of engagement per week

+ 5 groups of 30 hashtags

+ 3 Custom graphics a month

+ On-site bi-weekly photoshoots

+ Custom Photo & Video Editing

+ Monthly analytics report

+ 1:1 Monthly meeting


+ Contests/ Giveaway Management

+ Short-Form video edits (Reels/TikTok) 


You don't have the time to engage, entertain, and build new relationships on social media while running your business... I'm here to help!

Daily Instagram & Facebook Engagement

+ Replying to comments, messages, & inquiries

+Seeking out target audience & developing relationships on your behalf

+Maintaining customer 1:1 interactions 


1:1 Consulting
Jump Start

Not ready to commit to a package? These calls are for you! I have a true passion for helping others, and seeing businesses flourish. In these 1:1 consulting calls you will receive:

+ 1 Hour Zoom Call just you & I!

+ Open and natural conversation about your business, and YOUR needs. I will answer any and all questions pertaining to your business & how you can succeed moving forward. (These calls are NOT structured, strict, or intimidating. This is an open-ended conversation for you to receive all the tips, tricks, advice, and strategies I can give you!) 

+ A chance for you to ask any and every question whether you have an established business or you're just starting out! 

Social Optimization
The Basics

+Bio update for SEO optimization

+Custom Highlight cover designs

+5 sets of 30 Hashtags 

+5 Content Pillars tailored to you

+Mood Board to capture brand vision

+3 In-Feed Canva Templates, 3 story templates to fit content pillars

+Instagram Audit & Analyzation

+1:1 30 minute Strategy meeting