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A Social Media Strategy is NOT 5 Content Pillars, Consistent Posting, and Weekly Reels

You’re doing everything social media experts are telling you, you’re posting consistently, using hashtags, engaging, yet you’re still not seeing results?

I get it and it’s frustrating because the social world has become clustered with misleading information.

It’s the same thing hearing:

  • You have to engage on your stories all day

  • You HAVE to post reels every week or you won’t grow

  • All you need is pillars, good content, and Call to actions and your strategy is set😅

While all these growth and engagement tactics are great, they aren’t building your strategy. These are great for growing and management of your socials, however they are NOT the same thing as a business plan/ strategy.

Here’s a couple things you should focus on when creating a REAL Social Media Strategy

✨Annual Revenues

✨Who’s your client base/what are their interests?

✨What’s your brand and content strategy? (Not Social media)

✨What are the goals of your business? Are the social media efforts aligning with them?

✨Are you a product based business or service based maybe both?

and MANY more.

Your social media is so much more than 5 pillars, reels, and hashtags and it’s time to get REAL about the truth of the work put into a strategy.

If things aren’t working for you, it’s time to reevaluate and circle back to the beginning!


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